All-in-One Server of the Mass Transit Honchkrow

We host numerous services here: Wireguard
We provide services to all the devices listed at the end of this page. You might see their names in the headers of mail sent from this domain. This endpoint also has an aggressive, network specific firewall for administrative ports and a paranoid TCP-wrapper ruleset. Of course, you can always make your own.
Non-Authoritative Domain Name Server
All queries sent to this server pass through a caching DNS resolver installed on this workstation. Adblock rules are also processed here, and this is where domain-specific blocks are fully enforced, such as a denial of all Google traffic. Find out how I did it by making your own.
Postfix, Dovecot, OpenDKIM, SASLAuthD, ManageSieveD
A single mailbox with all my domains, ten aliases and one locally delivered mailbox over NFS provides secure storage for my email messages and a way to receive messages from you. All outgoing messages are signed with DKIM and only the networks specified in SPF are allowed to connect to my SUBMISSION/SMTPS servers. Logins outside the network will fail so please stop trying. You might be banned at the firewall level, locking you out of all services. Please EHLO me at port 25 to see if you are allowed to send.
Find out how I did it by making your own.
Radicale Distributed Authoring and Versioning
We support calendar and contacts, as well, and permit iCalendar invites, allowing me to accept invites over iCal and to save vCard files. This service is delivered using the Destination NAT protocol in netfilter. Of course, you can always make your own.
NGINX Web Server with Extras
This website is delivered using NGINX. Find out more by typing curl -I in your favorite Linux based terminal.
Krowverse Services Limited Federation
We recently joined the Fediverse, a loose collective of thousands of social media nodes that communicate over a common protocol, ActivityPub. We are running Pleroma, a microblogging service that can communicate with Friendica, Mastodon, Honk, Lemmy, lotide, ZAP and Misskey. We federate with a small section of the Fediverse using Pleroma's MRF Simple Policy. Say hello or remotely follow @eric, or find out how I did it by launching your own instance.
Nineties Mysteries Full Federation
I added Nineties Mysteries as a fully federating microblogging server, based on Pleroma, to our family recently. It is available for signups now. Please read the about page for important disclaimers. Say hello or remotely initiate a follow @masstransitkrow.
Meet The Family:
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